Monday, March 1, 2010

First post!!!

Hi all. I started this blog because I have been touched by drugs. One of my best friends struggled with drugs for years. In the end the drugs won and our friendship suffered or rather we are not friends anymore. :(

The second is that I think we relate to celebrities. I think that we see them so much and we watch them all the time on TV, movies, etc... I know that from personal experience that I have some shows that I always watch and the actors become friends or like family. I know that I talk about TV actors from shows like Bones, House, Clean House, etc... I say things about them like I would a family member or a friend.

So that is why I made this blog. Because I think that drugs have touch a lot of our lives either from personal experiences or through friends or family. Now through talking about and hearing about who is on drugs or the latest celebrity drug gossip. I hope it will help so we know that we are not alone and hopefully we all learn something. Maybe share a few laughs, tears or something special.

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