Friday, March 12, 2010

COREY HAIM Died of drug over dose or that is what the latest reports are saying. His mother says that its not drugs but an enlarged heart and fluid on the lungs that killed him.

When ever a celebrity dies if there are drugs anywhere around or if at any time in there life they had a problem with drugs... Then when they die its DRUGS!!! Now it could be said that to assume its drugs is unfair and rude. But the truth is that if someone has had a problem with drugs in the past, it can come up again at anytime.

A while ago I would have said that this statement was not justified and that you can't judge someones present by their past. But I have had several friends that were heavily into drugs in there past and then they became clean for years. Then out of the blue they started doing drugs again.

I know that not every one has a relapse.... however that is why they say in meetings Hi my name is so and so and I am an alcoholic or drug addiction. Because even if a person no longer does drugs they once did and the urge is always there.

I hate that drugs can ruin our lives.

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