Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great People

Having a great team of people around you as you go through rehab makes all the difference. Look what I found! I love to re-look at a place and find that things have not changed with the times, that the wholesome help and kindness is still out there in the big world.

I was immediately embraced and counseled on the phone by Jay, who showed genuine concern. I was not in a proper state to make all the necessary arrangements, so Jay took charge, letting me know what to do, and shouldering much of the paper load for me. When I arrived in LA, Andy met me at the airport and drove me in to Cliffside, keeping me at ease and being understanding and hopeful when I was afraid. I don’t remember everyone who was there when I checked in, but I recall Dia being a smiling and gentle presence throughout my intake process.

I won’t go through each phase of my rehabilitation there in such detail, merely to say that once I had recovered my wits after detoxification, I was embraced by the friendly staff and led through the process with diligence, care, and mostly individualized treatment. Conflicts arose, from time to time, as they will, but they were handled with aplomb and courtesy. I specifically found superb counsel from Frank, Mark, Dia and Denny, but every residential advisor and staff person made a positive mark.

The therapists were all remarkable. Georgina and Robyn are clearly intelligent, kind, caring professionals who put the recovery of their charges foremost. Their group sessions were thoughtfully prepared and well executed; a number of times I was befuddled by all of the emotions flying around the room, but it was not only handled well, but with grace and care. By the end of the sessions, I was fuddled once more. As for Patricia, superlatives fail. I would say that she is honorificabilitudinitatibus, but I fear I might be accused of being over-intellectually sesquipedalian. Nor do I wish to wax pleonastic. I say this: there is no therapist I would rather entrust with the care of a loved one; I felt cared for and connected; I was dealt with transparently, and bluntly when necessary; I felt, frankly, loved...(more)'

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